Daiki-San’s GDB WRX : When Patience Finally Pays Off

Daiki-San’s GDB WRX : When Patience Finally Pays Off

Like every good hunter, whether it’s a lion stalking its prey, or a photographer shooting for a magazine, patients is always a virtue. We all know the saying is true but just because we know it’s true doesn’t make it any easier. Thus, when I first walked into Tsukuba Circuit, I was already on the hunt for something special to feature. Something that would get my engines rev’d up.
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That was when I spotted Daiki-San’s GDB WRX among the sea of Subarus that were participating in the parade at the end of the Hyper Meet.The classic Subaru rally blue paint and gold wheel combination, hints of carbon fiber accents, and that massive front splitter immediately stood out among the surrounding Subarus. I looked around to see if just maybe the owner was somewhere close by but to no avail. I asked a few of the other Subaru owners that were standing around nearby but none of them knew who the owner was. Thus, the hunt was on.
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Since this GDB was participating in the parade, I knew had to be patient and wait till I saw it driving around Tsukuba Circuit towards the end of the event. If I could see what the owner looked like, I could then find him or her and try and do a proper spotlight on the car. So, after the parade was over, I found the owner standing next to his car talking with a few of his friends. After a few quick introductions, the impromptu photo shoot was on. I didn’t have much time so I had to be quick on my toes and figure out where would be a good spot to have the shoot.
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Since I was able to find Daiki-San, I really wanted to know more about him as well as his beautiful machine. Being able to write about both the owner and the car is the best I can ever hope for and I planned on taking full advantage of the opportunity.
Growing up, Daiki-San always wanted to have a sports car. I mean, who can blame him? When he was a little older, he decided that a sports car might be out of his reach for the time being and settled on a Subaru Legacy. After owning the Legacy for a while, the desire to own a sports car resurfaced and he knew he couldn’t hold off any longer.
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After owning a Subaru, he knew he wanted to stay within the family. Thus, the Impreza platform was the ideal for him and after buying his dream car, he let the modification bug go wild.
Image 5
Daiki-San started to create his vision by working on the exterior first. With the craze of widebody kits and bolt on overfenders being so hugely popular, he decided to also head in that direction with a widebody kit from L’aunsport.
Image 6
Gold 18” XXR 527 multi spoke wheels help complete the exterior.
Image 7
The front splitter, side skirts, and rear splitters are not made of carbon fiber, but a custom one off aluminum honeycomb combination. The reason behind this is quite simple: Cost. Carbon fiber can be quite expensive and when you’re only 23, finding a good alternative can make a huge difference in your bank account.
Image 8
Then again, Tomei’s Expreme TI Exhaust System would not exactly go into the category of Cost effectiveness.
Image 9
However, when Daiki-San open the hood, I quickly realized where the rest of his money went. In a normal GDB engine bay, the turbo is hidden deep within the engine bay. Daiki-San thought that looked ugly and decided that it needed to be changed. Thus, he had it brought to the surface with custom piping.
He then the decided the stock turbocharger also wasn’t powerful enough either. A now larger Greddy Turbocharger helps the boxer motor push out around 450 BHP.
The interior has been all but completely stripped out.
The only thing that really remains are the Recaro racing seats for the driver,the stock seat for the passenger, and most of the factory dash and front door panels Luxury and comfort were not high on the priority list for Daiki-San. Honestly, it’s truly hard to believe that Daiki-San dailies his GDB along with taking it track events.
Slightly reckless, but it’s that strong passion for cars and recklessness that makes the car culture in Japan amazing.
Image 10
I’m really glad that I was able to meet Daiki-San so that I could learn more about him and why he decided to customize his GDB the way he did. Honestly, the timing couldn’t have been any better since Daiki-San happened to finished his car only a few days before the event.
Image 11
It just goes to show you that a little bit of patience can go a long way. I’m sure Daiki-San has a lot more plans for his GDB and I can’t wait to find out where he takes his project.

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