Laying Frame In A Volkswagen: Because Why Wouldn’t You?

Laying Frame In A Volkswagen: Because Why Wouldn’t You?

While trying to catch up on some coverage over the past few weeks, I remembered bumping into this Volkswagen Karmann Ghia at the Track and Show event (event coverage is on the way I promise!) and thought to myself now THAT is unique! It was something that deserved a little more than one or two pictures in the event coverage section
It never ceases to amaze me all the different kinds of platforms people will choose to build up their creation on. So of course, slamming a Karmann Ghia is the perfect example of this.
The exterior has been maintained to the famous Japanese levels of cleanliness, and kept in stock form…besides the whole laying frame thing.
Definitely digging the old school like chrome wheels. Tying together that whole simple but clean look.
The fact that this is a convertible makes it all the more special. Just imagine driving through Ginza with the top down, the breeze through your hair, and then parking right outside Loius Vuitton and laying the frame. Ahh.. that’s the life!
Ok, enough of that. Lets take a look at the interior which, just as the exterior, has been maintained to immaculate levels.
I love how the owner has kept the factory gauges on this build. Sometimes updating the gauges to a modern look can add character to classic car, but in this case the originals are just perfect!
So, the million dollar question is: Would you rock one? I know I would!

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