Track and Show: Because Having Both Is Much Better

Track and Show: Because Having Both Is Much Better

Now, before going into this event coverage that is WAYYY past over due, let me explain a few things that has been going on here. Last month, the world in which I live in decided to explode with work and opportunities.
Probably one of the biggest changes (and you might have caught on already) is I am now also shooting for Speedhunters (Ron Celestine). What that means for Tokyo Tuner is this:
Nothing. Tokyo Tuner Isn’t going anywhere and in fact, just became sponsors for **********CENSORED************** ;) Speedhunter does things their way and we here at Tokyo Tuner do it a different way ^_^ So stay tuned with us as we keep doing what we do best!
OK!!! with that all out of the way, lets get to what you really wanted to read about: The Track And Show event organized by Otsuka-San, the owner of The Check Shop.
The Check Shop’s specialty is in imports, particular European imports. Thus, there is heavy influence of imports at the event.
Like the name of the event suggests, cars focusing on stance, wheels, and parking presence, are located in the ‘Show’ area of the event.
Cars focusing on function rather than form are located in the ‘Track’ area of the event, which happened to be the Short Course at Fuji Speedway.
The pits were full of a wide variety of cars waiting to attack the track. This 4AC on bright lime green HRE wheels definitely stood out among the cars in the pits.
This E92 M3 on RAYS Volk Racing ZE40s was one of my favorite BMWs running the small track.
They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. The hunger for power can make a man do crazy things and this ER34 is a perfect example of this.
With the premise behind the build being a drift car, a rather large turbo has been added and you could imagine the end results of this. Every time he came around the last corner right before the straight away, the tail end would want to kick out, causing some rather exciting and scary incidents that day.
It’s always a nice treat seeing some American steel here in Japan, and an even greater treat seeing a Corvette doing what the engineers intended the car to do: to be pushed hard around a track.
Even a Viper showed up to play and good god was it fast… and LOUD!!
They even allowed some time for owners to take their off-roaders and other lifted vehicles on the track. The audience got quite a kick out of how only movements before, they were watching a flame spitting Viper hauling down the track, and now this.
As I stated before, the Check Shop specialized in imports. However, Otsuka-San has a special place in his heart for Porsche. You could say that it’s an obsession that carries on to the tracks as well. Thus, everything done is in the pursuit in function.
Otsuka-San’s personal car is the yellow GT3 which he has customized to have Cup Car front and rear uprights.
One of Otsuka-San’s customers GT3 RS.
I love being around the track. The noise of drivers pushing their cars to the limits, the quick downshifts before entering a corner, the drivers becoming one with their machine. It’s truly intoxicating if I’m honest.
However, there was another section of the event that needed covering. Thus, it was time to cover some of the ‘Show’ aspect of the event.
If you’re a fan of BMWs, then boy do I have a treat for you!
A large portion of the owners at the event owned either 3 series or the newer 4 series. You may remember seeing this E92 from our Vossen coverage. Still love those directional wheels!
The more wagons I see, the more I fall in love with them. This Black E91 is a perfect reason why: So simple and yet stunning. For added bonus, the space that comes along with a wagon means it’s highly practical too!
The F30 that I used as the cover shot has to be my favorite BMW from the Show portion of the event.
Everything from the large wing in the back, the Zeast ST1 Work Wheels, to the bits and pieces of carbon fiber accent.
With the M4 being the replacement for the M3, there were a wide variety of them present at the event.
Gotta love Audis.
Even though they were not as poplar as their BMW counterparts, a decent amount of Audis like this RS3 showed up to the event
It sometimes takes an entire crew to get your car in tip top show condition.
It’s not everyday you see a classic 1600 tucking its wheels.
Ironically, the last time I saw this Porsche was at the Track and Show event last year and back then it was ALSO covered in rain…What are the odds of that?
Though the event was geared more towards imports, that didn’t mean a few domestic cars came out to play as well such as this orange wrapped G37 sitting on S200 HRE Wheels.
Lexus has done an EXCELLENT job in re-imaging their brand. I remember as if it was yesterday that I would honestly never want to own one. Now, every time I see one, it makes me want to figure out how I can afford it AND parking in Tokyo. This IS 250F with custom camou wrapping is a perfect example of this..
Guess I’m just a sucker for the front end on these things. Now.. if only they would let me have one with manual transmission…
So.. When was the last time you saw a stance RX8 on genuine Ferrari 458 Italia Wheels? The crazy thing is how well they work with the car.
I released this image as a teaser a little while back and everyone LOVED it! I mean, I completely understand why!
This has to be one of the cleanest 180sx I’ve seen in a while. Everything is so perfect about it that I think we might have to do a little something special with it……
I also need to get my hand on some low riders to feature. It’s amazing how there is a strong love for these here in Japan.
So the owner of this Mark II sitting on Rotiform Wheels really wanted to have the USDM version of the Cressida. The idea of blending USDM styling with JDM is hugely popular and a trend that I can get with.
The stock 1G engine has been replaced with a 1JZ-GTE. Not only does the 1JZ give the car that extra passing power, it also makes the perfect coffee warmer apparatus!
That will conclude our coverage of Track and Show! Stay tuned for more event coverage, films, and features to come!

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