Spirit Rei’s S13: Brought To You By Exart

Spirit Rei’s S13: Brought To You By Exart

While wondering around the show portion of the Track and Show event, a familiar voice called out to me confirming his hunch it was indeed me taking pictures. It was my good friend Shingo-San at the Exart booth.
For those who don’t know, Exart is a shop specializing in making customize performance exhaust systems. Own a Lamborghini Murcielago? Got it. Subaru WRX? No Problem. Nissan Elgrand (yes the large van)? Sure why not! They do it all.
So it only made sense to pair up with Spirit Rei and create a exhaust kit for their S13.
I have seen this a few times at a variety of events and every time I’m just captivated by the shear beauty of the simplicity and yet stunning Miyabi aero kit.
Front spoiler, carbon fiber side skirts, widen fenders and vented fenders, and rear bumper make up the Miyabi aero kit. And check out those beautiful 18″ M1R Work Meister wheels!
Shingo-San was more than happy to show me the interior which reflects the exterior in simplicity and beauty.
Factory dash and buttons remain pristine, and the Nardi Steering wheel’s red stitching matches the rest of the interior.
Bride racing seats for both the driver and passenger
It’s simply amazing how Spirit Rei was able to take the styling of the S13 and make it something of a work of art. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is one of the best looking S13’s I’ve ever seen and honestly….it makes me want to buy one really bad

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