Practice Day With Kisaragi-San: D1 Ladies Professional Driver

Practice Day With Kisaragi-San: D1 Ladies Professional Driver

First and foremost, I’m personally on cloud 9 right now. The love that everyone has been showing us since the release of Awano Kisaragi’s promotional video is more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined! Thank you!!! I guess it would only be fitting to give a little behind the scenes action of our first day with Awano-San. But first, a little history in how we became sponsors for her!
It all started a few months back when Zee from All That Low made a post on IG stating that he was getting involved in a project with Awano-San and if anyone was interested in helping to send him a message. Right then and there, my guts told me this was something we have to get involved in.. no matter what!
With other sponsors already on board such as 502 Factory and Work Wheels, I began coming up with the main concept ideas and storyboard for Awano-San’s promotional video. Everyone loved the idea and we began moving into the next phases.
The filming location was at Morbara Circuit where it was an open track day. Other drivers were also there getting some practice laps in for upcoming competitions. This was actually the first time we meet Awano-San in person and was able to get a look at her car: a Toyota JZX100 Cresta
Complements of Work Wheels, Work Emotion T7R wheels provide not only a nice look for the large Cresta, but also serve a purpose of weight reduction without having to scarfice strength. Form and function!
In the pursuit of function, custom fender flare and vents thanks to the guys at 502 Factory allow for winder tires for extra grip and increase aerodynamic properties. They also look pretty boss I’m not gonna lie. Again, form and function
Shockingly, this is not only Awano-San’s drift car, but she actually dailies it as well. Thus, the interior hasn’t been stripped out and most of the creature comforts that you would like on your everyday car remains. Of course for safety regulation, a roll age has been added.
A little glitter here and there never hurt nobody. Neither does a hydraulic handbrake which when yanked by Awano-San, the second set of rear brakes locks up and allowing her to initiate her drifts and make transitions as well.
Defi digital gauges custom modded into the dash.
Drifting requires keeping the engine at high rpms for long periods of time, and the constant switching from one lateral motion to the other means not a lot cool air is getting to the intercooler. This can cause things to heat up rather quickly. Thus, this ‘custom’ water jug runs to the front of the car and sprays water on the intercooler to help keep things from overheating.
Speaking of engines, I guess we should take a look at the beast that lives under the hood: the inline 6 1JZ-GTE VVT-I
Rated at a power output of ‘only’ 280hp, more was needed to be competitive in the Ladies League. Also.. more is just better right? Thus, a turbo kit from Premium Japan Turbo pushes the output to around 500HP. Now that’s more like it!
It was about this time when filming was about to began which meant I needed to switch from still’s to film as backup. But before this, I was able to take a quick around the paddock and scope out some of the other drivers there practicing.
Definitely one of the brightest cars on the track that day but don’t let the fanta color theme fool you. The driver dumb aggressive and was killing it.
Ok.. maybe this Levin was the brightest car on the track
I’ve seen this 180sx at a few meets in Daikokufuto PA, so it was a great treat to see it again but going sideways.
BBS LM wheels and fender mirrors making for an excellent combination. Oh, and the bolt on over-fenders
Not too surprisingly, there was a lot of 180sx that day. Being relativity affordable and rear wheel drive makes for a great platform for beginners and experts alike.
I didn’t get a chance to watch this green 180sx hit the track but just sitting there you could tell this car was all business.
Wagon love anyone?
Everyone was pushing their cars to the very edge that day thus the breaks in between the group session gave the owners time to make quick repairs, let their cars cool down, and swap out tires.
As one would expect, drifting cause you to go through tires rather quickly. These were relatively new that day…
This Cresta was the cause of the tires demise
This Levin has seen better days but then again, it was built with the sole purpose of going sideways. It does that very well! You can say all the dents and..well..dents add character and tell a story.
My favorite Tureno of the day running a built 4AG under the hood and Volks TE37 wheels
Limited only to Japan, the AE86 GTV is slightly different than the more ‘luxurious’ GT-Apex version. If your gonna strip out your car, you might as well go for the GTV.
It was also a nice treat to see an FC at the track.
Awano-San swapping out the rear tires and making final preperations before her practice heat
As I stated before, this was about the time where I had to switch over to film which proceeded to take up the rest of the day. However, it was totally worth it!
And if you haven’t gotten a chance to view it, you can either click on the video section and check it out there, or by clicking the link here :)
ALSO!!!!!! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and would like to help Awano-San, please send us an email for more information!!

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