Shingo-San’s B4: The Ever Evolving Masterpiece

Shingo-San’s B4: The Ever Evolving Masterpiece

“Hey!!! What are you doing here??? You cannot park your car there!!” yelled the old parking enforcer. By now, I’ve lost count how many times someone, usually in the older age bracket, has yelled at us about parking a car somewhere. Sometimes the best locations are the ones that your are technically not suppose to have access to. It just comes with the territory of being an automotive photographer.
It also probably would have helped if I wasn’t standing on a fence that was about 4 meters high… Kinda hard to miss a foreigner way up in the air…
Anyways, I have been meaning to feature Shingo-San’s 2006 Subaru Legacy B4 for quite some time now. Shingo-San and I had gone back and forth messaging each other trying to schedule a date when we could meet up for the past several months, but nothing ever solidified. It wasn’t until the Track and Show event that we were able to schedule a shoot the very next weekend.
We met up outside of the Nissan Headquarters in Yokohama and then proceeded to the shooting location together. This gave me plenty of time to actually get to know Shingo-San and why he choose the B4.
Like most enthusiast, his love for cars started out way before he could even drive. It was in High School where his passion really started to take off though.
Shingo-San wanted a car he could drive to school and of course, it needed to be fast because.. why wouldn’t it be?
If the car he decided on came with a turbocharger system, that would be an added bonus
He also told me that since girls preferred a guy who owned a car during High School (sounds familiar America ?) that it was just the extra spark he needed to purchase a car. Thus after working part time jobs and saving up, he bought his first car; a Subaru Legacy.
Since then, he has owned 3 Legacies, all different trims. The latest one is his B4 Spec B.
The end goal was to always have something that was incredibly low and yet still be functional and fast. Helping him achieve the low criteria is the Universal Air Ride suspension.
With of a push of these buttons, Shingo-San can adjust the height from tucking the rear wheels, to a setting which is surprisingly still lower than stock height, but functional enough to drive around an “alleged” 180kmh without fear, and without having to dart back and forth around potholes and invisible speed bumps.
The bolt on over-fenders are self made and are an excellent example of ingenuity. Over-fenders for the Legacy are…well.. very difficult to find.
So, Shingo-San ordered Subaru Outback fenders from the States and then hand fabricated them to fit.
The front bumper was a similar situation as the over-fenders, so Shingo-San decided to make his own as well.
All around the car you would find little hidden elements that suit Shingo-Sans taste to the letter. These custom headlights created by cool4ever are the perfect example of this. 
Anyone who really knows me knows I would do something EXACTLY like this.. In fact… Hmmmmm
The brakes have been upgraded to Brembo ブレンボ for extra stopping power. When I asked why he had painted ブレンボ on the brake calipers he jokingly replied back “JDM yo”. Alllright! Who can argue with that logic?
Ironically, the sunroof is probably one of the most unique features on the car second to the custom over-fenders. When Shingo-San bought his B4, it didn’t come with a sunroof as a standard feature and He really wanted a sunroof… SO, he had a Hollandia 300 Deluxe Large sunroof installed.
Last but certainly not the least, beautiful 18″ Work Emotion T7R 2P wheels wrapped in Nitto NT 555 tires complete the current exterior look.
Working for Exart exhaust, Shingo-San knew that only an Exart system would do for his B4. Thus along with an ECU tune, Exart intake and IVSC exhaust system not only gives the EJ20 a few extra ponies to play with, but lets out an intoxicating sound when driving around at both low and high speeds.
An added extra feature which is almost a must here in Japan is the option to turn off the epic roar coming out the exhaust. The switch activates a butterfly valve in the system which reduces the noise to the point that no grouchy neighbor will ever complain about your car being too loud.
Matted to the EJ20 is a 6 speed transmission with a R180 LSD compliments from a WRX
As the day went on, we bumped into a group of stunt riders practicing in a open bus parking lot.
It’s absolutely amazing that these guys were just running up and down the road doing wheelies, nollies, nollie 180s, donuts, you name it they were practicing it. And we got yelled out for parking a car in the middle of a non busy road…
With the day drawing closer to an end, we just hung around the area a little longer, enjoyed the beautiful sunset and watched the stunt riders practice.
Just another shot of the beautiful sunset and the beautiful B4
As night fell upon us, we decided to check out Daikokufuto PA and see if any random meet was going on, but since it happened to be a Sunday night, it was pretty much dead.
After being dropped off at Shinagawa Station, I watched Shingo-San drive off into the night and thought to myself 2 things. First, I was so glad he opened the butterfly valve on the exhaust system so I could enjoy that amazing noise one last time as he drove off. The second was how much his car has changed since the last time I saw it a year ago.
It doesn’t seem like much time but so much can change in as little as a year. I wonder what the next year will bring for Shingo-San and is B4.

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