A Night With The Tokyo Bay Night Running Crew: Powered By EXART

A Night With The Tokyo Bay Night Running Crew: Powered By EXART

I think besides the night out in Osaka that I wrote about for Speedhunters, this was one of the most crazy and fun nights out as an automotive photographer I’ve had in a while. Before meeting up with Shingo-San in Yokohama to start the night off, I had a feeling I was going to be out all night. However, the way the night went down.. well, lets just get right to it shall we?
After we finished Shingo-Sans B4 shoot, he mentioned to me that he was going to get his friends together the next week and host a night meet starting in Daikokufuto PA, and then have a ‘spirited drive’ around Tokyo. He then asked if Tokyo Tuner could cover the meet and how could we say no to a request like that?
One of the first cars to arrive at Daikoufuto PA for the meet was this left hand drive BRZ. It would be an undersatement to say a ton of work has gone into this car: custom front and rear fender, carbon fiber front splitter and side steps, the list goes on and on. The BRZ also has been fitted with a custom exhaust system from EXART and just like Shingo-San’s B4, sounded amazing with the butterfly valve opened.
It’s not often you see Civics at meets. I’m not sure why to be honest but it was nice to see one of Shingo-San’s friends driving this EK Sedan
Shingo-San told me his boss Katsutoshi-San was coming to the meet. However, what he failed to tell me was that Katsutoshi-San was coming in the Spirit Rei S13. I absolutely love everything about this car and at the Track and Show event I was able to get a closer look at it and write a small feature as well expressing how much I love this car.
What I didn’t know or I should say expected was that Katsutoshi-San saw that article and Shingo-San’s article (both cars have custom EXART exhaust systems) and loved it. Thus after talking a little bit, a Tokyo Tuner sticker found its way on the S13! So, you can guess there will be some future developments between Tokyo Tuner, EXART and Spirit Rei in the VERY near future!
The new MX5 is becoming hugely popular among tuners all across Japan and this one is a prime example. Sitting on Work Wheels, lowered, and equipped with a custom EXART exhaust system makes this MX5 a great car to cruise around in.
Toyota Mark X Slammed and tucking the wheels in for some aggressive fitment
This is one aggressive looking Altezza!
Just like the BRZ I mentioned before, a lot of work has gone into the Altezza. Custom fenders and the very large wing are the biggest things that stand out. We may have to take a closer look at this one in the future.
Ironically, that same night a JZX meet was going on at Daikokufuto PA. The air was filled with the familiar sound of the straight 6 and massive turbos sucking in air.
Also, the air was filed with music. Very..Very..VERY loud music. It wouldn’t be night at Daikokufuto if random customized cars didn’t show up. Maybe we should dive into some Van culture in the near future.. What do you think?
A pair of MKIII Supras getting ready to leave and hit the track er I mean highway.
It was about this time when Shingo-San told me we were getting ready to go on our ‘spirited drive’ and head to our next meeting place: Umihotaru. I had tried to coordinate with everyone beforehand to make sure I would be able to get some rolling shots. However… as soon as we hit the highway, all Hell broke lose in the form of speed. So, coordination just flew out the window.
This was probably the most challenging rolling shots I’ve ever attempted. Speeds that one would define as excessive, pitch black highways, and the only way I could coordinated them was to flag them down using basic hand signals to speed up and slow down their pace.
So after awhile, I decided to just sit back, and enjoy the spirited drive through the underwater passageway to Umihotaru. The noise we created hauling in the underwater tunnel was…well.. epic!
It was around 12:30am when we arrived at Umihotaru. For those who don’t know, Umihotaru is a rest stop in the middle of the sea and when I mean middle of the sea, it is LITERATELY in the middle of the sea!
Lexus SC430 rocking neon under glow lights.
The FD has been growing on me the past few months. This one was in fairly stock condition which is incredibly rare.
Another one of Shingo-San’s friend beautiful B4
Again, another perfect example of Japan’s love for modifying Vans. T Demand and Tein suspension setup, Work Wheels, custom EXART exhaust system. The mod list goes on and on. Maybe we should feature THIS van??
One last look at the Spirit Rei S13 because why wouldnt you?
Around 1:30 am, a surprisingly large group of bikers came and caused a little mayhem in the form of revving their engines.
Around 2:00 am, we decided it was time to leave Umihotaru: It was getting pretty cold (remember, in the middle of sea) and late. However, the next destination wasn’t home for the was still young. We decided that Tatsumi PA would be more active then Daikokufuto so we would check Tatsumi first.
Once again, another modified Van! This time, slammed to the ground and running some serious aggressive oni camber.
We arrived at Tatsumi PA around 2:30am and was simply blown away on how crowed it was!
G37 in the process of being transformed into a Liberty Walk G37. Currently, the front bumper and rear spoiler have undergone the Liberty Walk treatment.
Lexus has done a fantastic job of redoing their image in pursuit of attracting automotive enthusiast. I say it’s working.
People were constantly leaving Tatsumi PA to go make runs around the highway.
It’s now around 3:00am and cars are still coming and trying to enter Tatsumi PA. As amazing as this is, there is only so much the police will tolerate before enough is enough.
Thus, not too surprisingly, they came and shut everything down. If this had happened in the States, tickets would have been given out and cars would have been impounded. Here in Japan? They kindly asked us to leave and respectfully, everyone did just that. Just another reason why Japan is so awesome.

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