The Ultimate  Driving Machine: Takaaki-San’s E92 M3

The Ultimate Driving Machine: Takaaki-San’s E92 M3

There is something special about BMW’s that you really can’t put your finger on until your behind the wheel of one. The German obsession level to detail, the racing pedigree, the way that almost everyone presumes the owner of one has a certain level of wealth or a complete *************
Then take M division of these cars. The M versions turns the knob past 10 and then proceeds to rip the knob off as to make sure you never able to run away from the extremes the M brings you. Truth be told, it’s all something I never really experience since I rarely spent any time around BMW’s let alone an M version of one. That was until I received a friend request on Facebook and a message to go along with it.
In closed in the message was a picture of Takaaki-San’s beautiful E92 M3 and a simple message. “I love cars that are slammed but can still go very fast! Let’s hang out and take pictures if you like!” I mean, who could turn that kind of request down?
With the girlfriend in tow, we met up with Takaaki-San outside Shinjuku Gyoenmmae and then proceeded to head straight to the shooting location.
This gave me sometime to talk with Takaaki-San and dive into the psychology on why he did what he did to his E92.
Takaaki-San has a love for three things. Well, I’m sure a lot more than three things but in regards to cars, three main things in particular: BMW’s, stance, and USDM.
The car he owned for 5 years before switching to his E92 was an E46 and similar to his E92 was slammed to the ground.
However, unlike the E46, Takaaki-San decided to go with an Airlift Performance suspension kit for his M3
Like he said in his message to me, he loves lowered cars, but wants to retain the ability to go fast whenever he so fits and not require sheets of plywood to get in and out of parking lots.
The 4.0L V8 S65 Engine has always had a deep, guttural growl in stock form which as enthusiast, simply adore. However, Takaaki-San wanted a little ‘more’ out of it.
Thus, quickly after buying his E92, he installed a AC Schnitzer Race Exhaust System. Not only does the system allow the engine to breathe properly which in turns improves engine performance, that deep, guttural growl is amplified significantly allowing you to piss off any of your older aged neighbors above around 3,000 RPM.
The inside is pretty standard BMW M quality and a pleasant place to be in. Beautiful contrasting red can be found on the leather seats and trim. The center console screen displays most of your driver information and navigational system. The little monitor on the left tells you invaluable information about speed cameras and police stations. Something very handy when you have over 400hp at the disposal of your right foot.
Speaking of your right foot, this E92 has been fitted with a traditional 6 speed manual transmission which allows your left foot to press something called a clutch. When pressed, you can change gears to which ever you want! What a concept.
Along with the carbon fiber front splitter, Takaaki-San bought forged HRE P40 wheels. As I mentioned earlier, He loves USDM parts and HRE forged wheels definitely check that box.
He then had them sprayed in a custom copper color and wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports.
From every angle this car looks absolutely stunning and yet aggressive at the same time. I love a car that can pull off an aggressive stance. It can truly bring out the hidden characteristics of a car if done properly. Done poorly, it can ruin your cars overall appearance.
However, I also love the ability to be functional as well. M3 are known for not only being fast cars, but highly capable cars. From the chassis to the performance of the engine, the M3 is the car that should be able to do it all, despite being a little bit on the heavy side. With the Airlift Performance Suspension kit, Takaaki-San is able to have both form while retaining functionality.
And that’s when it hit me. After spending the day with one, riding all over Tokyo, I understood why the E92 is such a highly praised car. Besides the creature comforts that come with the M3.
Besides the overall styling and appearance of the M3. Besides the amazing 4.0 V8 engine that lives under the hood of the M3.
Besides the bellowing growl out of the AC Schnitzer Race Exhaust System that even my girlfriend grew fond of. It’s the way the car combines all of those wonderful things and makes for an amazing package.
Sure it’s a little on the expensive side but what is but a few thousands of dollars for the opportunity of owning the ultimate driving machine?
And they said diamonds were a girl’s best friend….

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