Auto Body N’s Debonair: The ‘Suave’ Lowrider

Auto Body N’s Debonair: The ‘Suave’ Lowrider

While wondering around the Mooneye’s 30th Annual Hot Rod and Custom Show in Odaiba, I spotted Auto Body N’s Mitsubishi Debonair among the crowd of Lowriders. Truth be told, it was so customized that at first, I had no idea what the hell I was really looking at.
However, after some closer inspection and a little help from Google Sensei, I was able to confirm my suspicions that indeed, this heavenly customized car was a Mitsubishi A33 Debonair.
The Debonair was Mitsubishi’s answer to the Toyota Crown, the Nissan Cedric, and the Prince Gloria. The idea behind the Debonair was to be a ‘dignified’, luxury sedan whose outer appearance and plush interior could match the sophisticated manners of their owners. Then… Auto Body N’s got their hands on one.
This one in particular has been constantly evolving and what you see is the current results of all that hard labor.
The custom orange paint job with metal flakes is simply flawless and can only be truly appreciated once you have come up close and personal with it. And check out the pin striping detail!
The roof shows off more of the insane attention to detail in the custom paint job.
The side mirrors, which on the original A33 were fender mirrors, are now these tiny custom side mirrors mounted on the A pillar. I’m totally a fan of the fender mirrors, but these custom mirrors are pretty awesome!
In the rear, the custom fabrication work is at an all time high. The sharp, pronounced body lines of the A33 starts from the front and continues all the way to the rear. The guys at the Auto Body N’s extended those lines creating the rear end you see now. The custom rear wheel cover also gives the car that classic lowrider feel.
Speaking of classic lowrider feeling, the White Wall Firestone tires and custom Radir Tri-Ribb III Wheels are a nice touch as well.
The interior has the same insane levels of detail as the exterior. The custom orange paint job continues through out the interior. I love how the dash has remained mostly factory with a splash of updating with the knobs matching the paint scheme.
Switches for the hydraulics that allow the owner to lay the car on the pavement. The Cell…er.. car phone is just ganster. I wonder if it is fully functional…

Auto Body N’s Debonair is a perfect example of why the Mooneyes Custom Car show is such an awesome event. Seeing all the owners taking these vintage cars and creating works of art out of them is something that you must see for yourself. Don’t worry though, we have the event coverage coming soon!

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