30th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals: American Iron With A Japanese Twist

30th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals: American Iron With A Japanese Twist

If I’m honest with myself and look back at the time stamp on the images from the 30th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals event, I’M WAYYYYYY behind schedule! Trying to balance out work for other clients, Speedhunters, and Tokyo Tuner has been a pretty tough juggling act. So for those who have been sticking with us since the beginning and throughout all the changes that have been going on, you have my deepest gratitude. I’m still trying to figure out an effect way to handle the load so bare with me!

Now, on to the coverage! The Mooneyes Nationals event is a special time when the streets of Odaiba become filled with an assortment vintage American steel and part vendors
Back in the day, my Dad used to own a C3 Stingray very similar to this one.
The owner restored this one and has been maintaining it in immaculate condition.
Dodge’s answer to the Mustang and Camaro was their Challenger
It’s actually ironic to think that the rivalry between these 3 automotive company is still going on nearly 4 decades later with their re-envisioned version of the classics.
The third generation ‘Cuda may have used the same platform as the Challenger, but ‘Cuda in this Lime light color does it for me more than the Challenger. What do you think?
The El Camino was one hell of an interesting car..I’m not sure I could rock one but what about you? Road Kill anyone?
You cant have an event like Mooneyes without seeing some Lowriders. Hydraulics, three wheeling, hopping.. You could find it all here.
I featured this Mitsubishi Debonair a while back which if you haven’t had the chance, please check it out! The attention to detail is absolutely absurd!
America is the land of the pickup trucks, thus it only makes sense to see a wide variety of vintage pickup trucks such as this C10
One man’s rust and oxidation is another man’s style and patina!
I found this Chevy 3100 while roaming the see of pickup trucks and had to take a closer look. From a far, you could just tell their was a lot of love that went into this truck
All around the truck, you could find intricate pinstriping detail.
The interior was even more beautiful than the exterior if you can believe that. Just take a look at that retro dashboard and gauges.
So.. I really don’t know how to explain this but I sure will do my very best.
The owner created a very traditional like sitting room in the back of this van. Tatami mats, wooden shelves, zabutons cushions. Only in Japan right?
Just because this was a classic car show focusing on American cars doesn’t mean that a wide selection of Japanese cars wouldn’t be here. This is Japan after all!
The bolt on overfenders and Panda paint scheme work amazing well on this S30
Speaking of Panda’s, this Levin was just one of the many 86s at the event. Which reminds me that 8/6 Day if quickly approaching!
I spotted this Nissan C210 about a year ago at the Hardcore Meet in the UDX parking deck.
To my great relief, the engine bay still looks as amazing as it did a year ago.
I’m not going to lie, I think I have fallen in love with the Bluebird. Towards one corner of the event was an entire section of 510s just waiting for me to drool all over.
A nice 4 door bluebird with the overfinder mirrors. God I love those!
TE37 seemed to be the wheel of choice for the Bluebirds. They do look amazing on them
Probably my favorite one out of the bunch was this white coupe – Yet again on TE37 Wheels
However this was by far the most unique one. Which one would you take?
Stance is still a hugely popular trend and I don’t foresee it going anywhere anytime soon.
All in the quest of getting low… VERY LOW
It’s not often I get a chance to look at some Van culture customization. Tucking wheels and laying frame… Check
The AccuAir Suspension fits ever so nicely in the rear sandwich between two rather large speakers.
Since we are on the subject of air suspensions and getting low, my good friends at Air Force Suspensions were around showing off their new lineup of suspension components
I love how the kit is nicely hidden in the trunk and only the hard lines can really be seen through a small cut out.
What do we think about this NSX? I would love to get another look and maybe even feature it. Hmmm…
That’s a warp on a long over due event coverage. Mooneyes always has some amazing cars and with the turn out well over 1,000 vehicles this years was the biggest
Defintily can’t wait till next years event. It’s hard to imagine it being anymore crazier than this year’s but then again, that’s what Japan is so good at. Taking something already crazy, and taking it to the next level!

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