Freakin Works And A Day At The Beach: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Freakin Works And A Day At The Beach: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I mean really? What’s the worse that could possibly happen by taking one slammed out Mitsubishi Lancer, owned by Koki-San, and one slammed out Toyota Celica, owned by Hirona-San, both static, to the beach?
A beach with very loose sand….
But before talking about the inevitable of that lovely combination – I have to discuss the history I have with Koki-San
For you see – Koki-San and his past EVO VII was my VERY first magazine feature for Performance Tuner Magazine and Tokyo Tuner
It was around 2 years ago when I first spotted Koki-San’s EVO in the dimly lit parking lot of Daikokufuto. Being my first time there, I was a kid in a candy store, blown away by the sheer amount of cars that showed up on a random Thursday night. Struggling to hold the simplest of conversations in Japanese, I tried asking people if I could feature their cars in the magazine. It was Koki-San who was the first person crazy enough to say ‘yes’ to me. Sorry, I’m having a nostalgic moment!
Fast forward two years and some change later and I fond myself unloading more gear than makes sense into Koki-Sans new cs2a.
In preparation for this years Stance Nation event that drew well over 3,000 cars to the parking lot in Odaiba, Koki-San went all out with his new build
The biggest difference from his previous build being the ct9a Clinched widebody kit and over fenders
From the front, the over fenders contour around the headlamps perfectly and demands your attention immediately.
The rear has A LOT going on.
From the bolt on duckbill like spoiler
The custom exhaust that fits the rear body kit – and of course the rear over fenders
Add it all together and you have one VERY wide Lancer. How wide you may ask?
Wide enough to basically take up the entire road that we were shooting on! I guess the road wasn’t really that big to begin with but you get the point
The Clinched Widebody kit has taking a humble Lancer – a car that really gets no love in the automotive enthusiasts realm, and transformed it into something so unique that it constantly causing people to wonder if Koki-San’s car is a Evo VII, or in fact a Lancer
Freaking Works team normally travel in groups and the days shoot was no exception to this. Hirona-San and his static ST202 joined in on the fun as we headed towards the beach.
I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a Celica roaming around the streets of Tokyo – let alone one that constantly is in a fight with the pavement.
Strangely enough though, The overall package works for me. Well, some fender flares would do wonders
Then again..seeing how far the tires extend past the rolled fenders in it self can be looked as a visual cue – nothing to hide that insane negative camber!
Beautiful BBS RS wheels help pull the overall vision Hiroan-San had in mind
Hello indeed!
However, the most visual striking aspect on this ST202 has to be that ridiculously huge Battle Aero wing!
This being Japan, the land of the GT wings, it only makes sense to have a big ass wing on the back of your slammed out Celcia
However, Hiroan-San just didn’t attach a huge wing to the trunk and call it a day
No what he did was take it to the next level. Remember, to be in the Freakin Works team, simple and easy just isn’t acceptable. So he custom fabricated mounting plates for his wing and directly bolted it to the frame of his car
With the addition of the rear roof spoiler, this has to be the coolest looking Celica I have seen to date! I love it!!
But it does um… get stuck in sand quite well if I’m honest. Remember the inevitable of the lovely combination of soft sand and static slammed cars… Yeah, we all saw this coming
Amazingly, Hirona-San was in good sprites as he unloaded a barrage of equipment from his car and got set on getting his car unstuck – I promised Koki-San and I helped besides laughing!
We dug a whole deep into the stand so that we could place the hydraulic jack on some woodblocks underneath the car to try and lift it in the air. We then stuck ramps and wood underneath the front tires so that the FWD vehicle would have something to bite on as it dug its way out.
It worked!!….until the other tire started digging dirt to America. It was then that Koki-San came up with the brilliant idea to use some equipment from his job that he had in the trunk of his car to strap on to Hiroan-San’s car and yank him out – which if his car was an actual Evo VII would have been no problem thanks to the AWD. However, since it is in fact a Lancer, it too is only FWD. Short story short, we almost got the Lancer stuck as well.
With both cars out of danger, we decided it was best to take this as a sign and leave the beach and call it a day
You may have noticed that I’m being rather vague with all the juicy details that I normally fill the articles with, and of course there is a reason for that
After leaving the beach, I joined Koki-San at his house and interviewed him for a Tokyo Tuner Owners Spotlight! So stay tuned for that video to drop in the near future if you really want to know all about Koki-San’s insane Evo VII er I mean Lancer cs2a! So lets consider this an appetizer. Are you ready for the main entree?

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