Nihon Automotive College’s Mercedes AMG 6X6: Wait Hold On Now

Nihon Automotive College’s Mercedes AMG 6X6: Wait Hold On Now

I’ll start of by saying that this was one of my favorite cars at Tokyo Auto Salon this year.
As I stated in the main event coverage of TAS, I try to make it a point to visit the automotive colleges that attended TAS, and enter their students projects. The students have pour their heart, blood, and MANY long hours into their projects and if you get a chance to talk to them, you will instantly feel how happy, and proud they are.
Hirona-San, owner of the Freaking Works Celica ST202, is one of these proud students at Nihon Automotive College (NATS) and was more than happy to tell me about all their cars – in particular this Mercedes AMG J-Class 6×6
Which by now I’m sure that SOMETHING is off with this 6×6. YOUR RIGHT
This isn’t a 6×6. In fact, what it really is two Suzuki Jimny K trucks matted together! Let me explain
As you can kinda of see in this picture, most of the front have of the 6×6 is composed of the White Jimny.
In between the two rear axles is where the white Jimny stops, and the back half of the second Jimny begins
By cutting up the black Jimny the students were able to make the bed of the 6×6. The wood you see isn’t actually wood, but an in-house custom wood paint scheme.
The tailgate is also fully functional however I would be cautious of putting too much weight on it.
For extra ‘realism’, the side mirrors and taillights are from a G63
The inside lacks the Mercedes’s metal, leather, and wood treatment as it remains stock besides the Grip Royal Steering Wheel
In conclusion – this is so badass I can’t help but love it! OK.. yes it really is a big Jimny and yes the rear axle are just kinda there so it’s adding not only extra weight but rolling friction for the lil 657cc F6A13 to deal with. None of that matters. Just sit behind the steering wheel and you can do nothing but smile and laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of the 6×6.
Congratulations Nihon Automotive College – don’t stop being awesome!

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