Kuhl-Racing: A Celebration of Details

Kuhl-Racing: A Celebration of Details

I remember the first time Kuhl-Racing revealed their custom metal painted R35 GTR at Tokyo Auto Salon a few years back. The amount of detail work that went into engraving the metal paint was beyond absurd and absolutely rocked the internet.
This year, Kuhl-Racing was back at Tokyo Auto Salon with a few more equally absurd demo cars to show off. Just like the R35 GT-R, this Toyota Vellfire was subjected to the same ARTIS 3D Ultimate Metal Engraving paint and good god it’s awesome!
The massive surface area of the Vellfire made for a great canvas for Kuhl-Racing and Mr. Izawa, the master painter behind these crazy designs, to show off their artistic skills and dedication to achieve detail perfection
Metal engraving aside, Kuhl-Racing also brought along two widebody demo cars that I absolutely fell in love with and really wanted to spend more time with. This first one being this drift ER 34 Skyline.
The design behind the widebody kit was to alter the lines to mimic those of a GT-R all the while being an extra 40mm wider.
The exhaust system is a one off created in house by Kuhl-Racing
Intricate details can be found all over the ER34 in the form of metal engraving and custom parts such as the Kitz Racing headlights
However, what really makes this car stand out is the custom candy blue paint job. I really wish this car was outside so everyone could truly appreciate the work that went into the paint work because it is beyond mind blowing. Depending on what angle you approach from, the perspective of the ‘flames’ change.
Right next to the candy blue ER 34 was this candy red widebody ZN6 FRS
Similar to the ER 34, bits of aero trim with metal engraved paint can be found all around the FRS for that extra ‘cool’ element
However, it is that same custom candy ‘flame like’ paint job that really puts it over the top.

So out of the three vehicles, which one is your favorite?

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