Studio Allica’s Carbon Fiber 930: #BecauseCarbonFiber

Studio Allica’s Carbon Fiber 930: #BecauseCarbonFiber

Carbon fiber this. Carbon fiber that. Carbon fiber everything! Ever since people discovered the amazing potential that carbon fiber brings to the table, a variety of industries have put the magical material to good use. Having high tensile strength, high stiffness strength, and being lightweight gives the material high rankings in the strength:weight ratio department which makes it a great material to use for people who are chasing after another important ratio: Power:Weight
That was the thought behind Studio Allica’s all carbon fiber (ish) Porsche 930
The reason why I say ‘ish’ is the fact that the car isn’t 100% carbon fiber (the one downside of carbon fiber is it’s a rather expensive material), but damn near it.
The owner of the 930 wanted his car to be quicker, but didn’t want to really mess around with the 3.0L air cooled flat-six cantilevered out back. So, how do you make a car become faster without adding power? By throwing away everything you don’t need, and putting your car on a diet.
The original fenders were removed and custom widen fenders made from a single sheet of carbon fiber were added in its place
The hood and roof was also made from a single sheet but the roof was a little more complicated to make. To minimize complication and costs, the framework of the roof wasn’t altered. Instead, large sections of metal was cut out and then replaced with carbon fiber where deemed appropriate.
The same story goes for the doors – hints the cut out for the door handles.
Besides that massive wing, other custom aero parts were added to the 930 such as carands and the custom carbon fiber air scoop to improve aerodynamics and airflow to the flat-six engine.
Replacing the stock exhaust system with a lighter, and much more expensive material like titanium, can do wonders for your power to weight ratio.
Lets face it – it also looks bad ass!
The interior is all business as well with carbon fiber replacing most of the remaining trim.
When it was all said and done, the 930 lost around 200kg! It’s a shame I couldn’t spend more time with the 930 nor hear what kind of demon that titanium exhaust system sounded like. I might have to go pay Studio Allica a visit in the future!

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