Top Gear Performance: A Look Behind Into Of Indonesia’s Exclusives Restoration Shops

Top Gear Performance: A Look Behind Into Of Indonesia’s Exclusives Restoration Shops

Recently, I have had the opportunity to travel outside of Japan to take pictures of some amazing cars and share them with the world. Yes, Tokyo Tuner’s main mission is to provide you car related coverage from Japan and for the most part, that won’t change. However, I have a feeling if I get the chance to share somethings from outside of Japan from time to time, that will probably be ok too right? Thus while spending time with the guys at Goodrides, and getting a chance to sample some of Indonesia’s car culture for my own eyes, I was truly awestruck by the both the differences and similarity in the car scene that is cultivating in Indonesia when compared to more of the ‘mainstream’ car scenes across the globe.
Having spent literally the entire day at Sentul International Circuit, crashing and sleeping in till noon sounded like the ideal plan – until the guys at Goodrides asked me if I would like to make a quick visit to a privately owned workshop called Top Gear Performance in the morning that specialize in restoring and maintaining a variety of classic cars, especially Porsche. Who needs sleep anyways right?
Thus, early the next day among the sea of organized chaos, I pondered what Top Gear Performance shop would look like. Like most of the trip, I received very little information on what was going on and just going with the flow was the best approach to taking everything in.
My first assumptions were blown out the water as we drove past security guards to enter into a warehouse district and then stopped in front of a rather large building that looked like it was more suitable for industrial work than restoring classics
However this beautiful looking 935 insured that indeed I was in the right place. It also kind of set the tone for the day if I’m honest
Known for their expertise and obsession to detail when restoring classic European cars, the entire warehouse was filled to the brim with unique and interesting cars such as this W100.
Porsche, both old and new, all in a different stages of being repaired and or restored, were all over the warehouse.
Mr. Djanuar, Co owner along with Mr. Adriano and fellow Mechanical Engineer, was more than happy to show me around, and take the covers off of some of the cars such as this DB5 Superleggera
As I mentioned before in the previous article, due to the strict government regulations in place, it’s incredibly difficult or ludicrously expensive to get both classics cars and parts into the country.
Knowing this and yet, being nearly inches away from such a rare and iconic car makes it even more special. I could have spent hours drooling all over the DB5, absorbing all of the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera intricate styling cues that newer cars lack – all the while trying to figure out how we could move the cars and get the DB5 outside so I could properly admire it
A Dino 246 GT in the middle of a full restoration
Don’t worry if classic European cars isn’t your flavor – Top Gear Performance will work on anything that seems of interest such as this massive fourth generation Continental.
Outside in the back of the warehouse is where things really became interesting. Parts were scattered everywhere as far as the eye could see – and I’m not only talking about wrenches
Crankshafts, heads, transmissions, clutches, essentially all the components to a engine or drivetrain could be found somewhere among the sea of parts waiting to be restored, fixed, and given a second chance at life
Hell, even entire engines laid outback ready to be repaired
It is quite the juxtaposition looking at the inside of the warehouse which was so clean that you could eat off the floors – to the outside which looks like chaos. Organized chaos which in a way adds a sense of realism back into the equation
If everything is too perfect, it can give off a sense of fraud or not genuine.
However, the contrast between the inside and outside matches Indonesia to the letter. Just driving on the streets, it may looked chaotic but in fact there is some kind of system that everyone knows and follows. Top Gear Performance in a way follows that same model and produces world class results.
Cheers to organized chaos!

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