Tokyo Tuner Update

Tokyo Tuner Update

Just felt like making a special post updating everyone on what’s to come and whats been going on in the world of Tokyo Tuner. I want to say thank you all for your support, constant reaching out to me, and following / subscribing to my videos! I’m still making them when I get the chance and plan to release on this week! So stay tuned for that! I have 2 more on the way as well (including something dealing with ALL THESE SUPRAS!) Just between my part time job, working with Speedhunters, and traveling a bit with the family, I’m a little behind schedule. Still trying to figure out a ways to keep the videos coming at a constant rate!

Thank you again for all the support and remember to subscribe to the Youtube Channel ^__^


About Celestine Photography

Traveling automotive photographer that is currently living in Shinjuku, Japan (新宿、日本). I some times go by the name Rurounin Photographer where 'Rurouni' comes from the fact that I tend to be a wonder and never know where I'll end up, but that's the adventure in it.

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