Owners Spotlight: Nihon Automotive Technology AMG 6×6

Owners Spotlight: Nihon Automotive Technology AMG 6×6

While roaming the halls at this years Tokyo Auto Salon, I spotted this beautiful AMG 6×6 and was instantly drawn to it. I have never seen one in person and was dying to get an up close look at it. However, as soon as I got closer to it.. I realized something was off.. or should I say, smaller, with this 6×6. It was only when I realized I was in the Nihon Automotive Technology (NATS) booth that this clearly wasn’t a the 6×6. However, the fact that it WASN’T a real 6×6 and students at the school built it made it all the more appealing to me. For some reason.. I had to know how they made it. And drive it.

Thus with the help of my friend and fellow graduate Hirona Tahara​ of the program, I was able to do just that!

So this time, we have something special for everyone – Join me while I get an exclusive look along with my good friend and fellow cinematographer Cory Sparks (@Visual_kimono ) at NATS 日本自動車大学校​ AMG 6×6 and learn a little bit more about this amazing college!

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