Owner’s Spotlight: Yajima’s 2JZ Powered Rolls Royce Phantom

Owner’s Spotlight: Yajima’s 2JZ Powered Rolls Royce Phantom

Normally when filming owner’s spotlights, I want to try and have the day set aside to make sure we have more than ample time to get all the footage necessary. I had explained this to Yajima-San, the owner of this bat s*** insane Rolls and he agreed that would be best. So you can imagine my surprise when my phone rings and its Yajima-San asking if we could get everything done that same day he calls and in everything done in 2 hours. The car was going back into the shop and there was no telling how long it would be in there. Thus, I grabbed all my things, ran out the door without any planning for a smash and dash type of day.

With all my excuses out of the way, sit back, relax, and join me as we quickly dive into Yajima’s mind, and discover a little bit more behind his 2JZ powered Rolls Royce!

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