Tokyo Tuner Stickers!!!

Tokyo Tuner Stickers!!!

Hey everyone!

I know I have been saying I have stickers in the works for the past I don’t know how many months but I’m excited to say I finally have them ^^>!

These are the same design and HQ stickers that you have seen on a few cars in some of the videos. Since this is the first time for me doing anything like this, I want to make it special. I have 200 of them made and for this batch, I’ll let those would like to buy them essentially name there price. The money from the sticker will go towards equipment, tolls, gas, essentially everything to try and help me make higher quality videos and get them out faster!

So if you feel like the stickers worth 10USD, then the are worth 10 USD. If you feel like they are worth 5 USD, then they are worth 5 USD. If you feel like they are worth 1,000 USD (which would be amazing lol) , then they are worth 1,000 USD. I guess you can think of it like a donation and the stickers will be the thank you in return!

If you would like a sticker, please send an email to . There, you can tell me how many you would like, and an address to mail them too ^^.

Thank you everyone for your support, motivation, encouragement, and input! Planning on doing a lot of things in 2018!


新しい取り組みとして、特別オファーをしたいとおもいます。限定で200 枚あります。支払いはお気持ちでいただけると嬉しいです。いただいたお金は、よりクオリティの高い動画をより高頻度で更新していくために使われます!





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