Owner’s Spotlight: Cristian Tyrrell’s Mazda RX7 FC

Owner’s Spotlight: Cristian Tyrrell’s Mazda RX7 FC

Happy New Years Everyone! I hope you all had a great one ^__^ Welcome to Tokyo Tuner 2018 Edition!

Thank you all to those who sent me emails, messages, texts, asking to buy stickers! I was blown away at how many people wanted to buy some and I can’t say thank you enough m(-__-(m I have a lot of big things planned for 2018 and I’m going to do my very best to accomplish those goals!

One of those things is expanding outwards besides Japan. Don’t worry! The main focus will always be Japan (I live here after all) , however I feel I would be doing everyone a disservice if I didn’t take opportunities to dive into the minds of car enthusiasts all over the world. So, I’ll be creating a new playlist that focuses solely on those adventures ^__^ First on the list is Cristian Tyrrell and his Mazda RX7 FC 10th Anniversy.

I met Cristian a year ago while vising family in Houston, Texas looking for cars to feature for Speedhunters. After spending the day with him, I realized that he had an amazing story and he and his FC has come a long way in there journey. I did my very best to tell his story in word form but I always feel like its better to hear it straight from the source when possible ^__^ So, without further delay, lets dive right in!

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