Owner’s Spotlight: Shinichiro Slammed LM Limited R33 GT-R

Owner’s Spotlight: Shinichiro Slammed LM Limited R33 GT-R

It’s not every day you see a stanced out GT-R… Well, truth be told I have NEVER seen one and never thought I would…
THEN I saw Shinichiro-San’s R33 GT-R at the Lowfest event in Chiba and I knew nothing would ever be the same again. From that point I made it a mission to find Shinichiro-San and see if he would be interested in tell me (and everyone else) why he decided to do what he did to his LM limited GT-R. Turns out that he used to race his GT-R on the tracks in a different configuration for years and over time decided it was time for a change. This change he was looking for is what you see here!

So this time on Tokyo Tuner, join me as I dive into the mind of Shinichiro-San and figure out why he decided to create this stunning GT-R

Special thanks goes to MenClub Hong Kong for helping me produce this film ^__^ !

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ある時、千葉のLowfestイベントでShinichiroさんのR33 GTRに出会いました。
それからは、Shinichiroさんを探し出して、彼がLM limited GTRを改造しようとしたきっかけを教えてほしいと強く思うようになりました。



皆様のおかげでこの作品を提供できることを感謝しています。そして、協力してくださったMen’s Club Hong Kong様もありがとうございます。




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