Garage Spotlight: Modern Air Cooled- The Porsche Specialists

Garage Spotlight: Modern Air Cooled- The Porsche Specialists

I personally feel that the best stories are the ones that we can either relate to, or inspires us to push forward for our passions or dreams. Besides wanting to expand Tokyo Tuner into different avenues in the form of Garage features (along with a bunch of other things I have in the works), Jordan (the man behind Modern Air Cooled) fits the build perfectly. I mean, how many people do you know in their 20’s running a car shop specializing in repairing, restoring, and helping build Porsche race cars? EXACTLY!!

So this time, join me as I try something a bit different as I dive into Jordan’s mind to try and find out why he decided to follow his dream and open up one of the fastest up and coming shops in the Houston area.

Special thanks goes to Illest (yes, THE ILLEST) for becoming a sponsor and helping produce this video ^__^
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