Owner’s Spotlight: Ohara San’s One Off Widebody R8

Owner’s Spotlight: Ohara San’s One Off Widebody R8


I first discovered Ohara San’s R8 years ago when I first moved to Japan. Actually, I met the builder, Akira Matsuura of Garage Ill, years ago before the insane creation you see before you existed. He teamed up with his long time friend, Ohara Hiromasa, and the R8 project began. Ohara-San wanted something that accurately reflected his drive and personality – Always seeking the next challenge all the while standing out among the crowd.

So this time on Tokyo Tuner, join me as I dive into the mind of Ohara San and discover why it’s his desire to be the best, and why he decided to create the World’s crazy R8

Special thanks goes to MenClub Hong Kong for helping me produce this film ^__^ !

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映像製作に協力してくださったMen Club Hong Kong、そして小原さん、ありがとうございました。


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