A Sunday Drive With 30+ NSXs [4K]

When friend and fellow Speedhunters Blake Jones and myself were invited to go for a causal drive in the mountains with our new friend and NSX owner Hiroshi, he mentioned we would be joining a few other NSX for a spirited drive through Hakone. What we didn’t realize was that a “few” had quickly turned into over 30 NSXs! With Blake shooting stills (You can read his article here :http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/07/when-nsxs-gather-in-the-shadow-of-mt-fuji/) , I decided to try and experiment with footage. This video is in an attempt to recreate our actual experience as raw as possible. Talking with the other owners, acting silly, having fun, natural background environment, and no music (In 4K ^__^)


IG: @celestinephotog
IG: @tokyotuner
IG: @blakejones

About Celestine Photography

Traveling automotive photographer that is currently living in Shinjuku, Japan (新宿、日本). I some times go by the name Rurounin Photographer where 'Rurouni' comes from the fact that I tend to be a wonder and never know where I'll end up, but that's the adventure in it.

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