Owner’s Spotlight: Keita’s EJ20 Powered MR-S [4k]

Owner’s Spotlight: Keita’s EJ20 Powered MR-S [4k]

Every once and awhile, I’ll receive emails asking me to come and film their story for Tokyo Tuner. Truth be told I wish I could film everyone, but due to my current financial limitation, that simply isn’t possible. There was one email however that I knew I couldn’t pass up. It read something along the lines of his name was Mitsuru Fujii, head of a engineering and custom fabrication shop in Mie, and he wanted me not to visit his shop, but to take a look at one of his employees. His name is Keita Suzuki, and he transformed his MR-S to a flame spitting monster in his free time after work and during the weekends. Besides building this car by himself at the young age of 26, he decided to throw in an EJ20 from a Subaru STI for added measures.

Thus with Cory Sparks (@Visual_kimono) on filming duty, we headed down to Mie to check out Fujii Engineering, and Keita’s crazy MR-S.

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**Special thanks to MotorLand Suzuka Circuit for allowing us to use their track for filming**

Filmed By @Visual_kimono
Directed / Edited By @celestinephotography / @TokyoTuner
Song: Feeling My Ish by Boscoe Flux Beatz ( https://soundcloud.com/boscoeflux )

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