Owner’s Spotlight: Omomuki’s Carbon 930 Porsche [4k]

Owner’s Spotlight: Omomuki’s Carbon 930 Porsche [4k]

At long last, the day has come ^__^ Thank you all for your patients!

At my first ever Tokyo Auto Salon, I fell in love with this 930 Porsche 911. Besides the wild Lamborghini doors that stood out among the crowd, and the beautiful custom titanium exhaust, virtually every panel had been replaced with carbon fiber. You know.. similar to Blackbird from the famous Wangan Midnight manga. I had to know more!

Fast forward three years later, the stars finally aligned for Koichi Takuma, the owner, Akira Funahashi, the builder and owner of Studio Allica, and myself to meet up and get a proper shoot done.

So this time on Tokyo Tuner, sit back and relax as we dive into the mind of Koichi-San, and discover why he decided to transform his 930.


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