Owner’s Spotlight: Ara’s Impreza STI [4K]

Owner’s Spotlight: Ara’s Impreza STI [4K]

When ever the opportunity to travel around Japan and explore the car culture outside of Tokyo arises, it doesn’t take much to for me to say yes (as long as time and funding allows for it that is). A few years back I met Ara at a RevSpeed time attack event at Tsukuba circuit. Out of the line up of WRX’s that lined the parking lots, Ara’s clearly stood out from the pack. As I was contemplating about snapping a few pictures, Ara happened to walk by and was more than happy to show me around his pride and joy. Think this would be a good car to feature, I asked if he lived near by. “Fukushima” he replied. Needless to say we have kept in touch until finally the stars aligned where I could make the journey up to Fukushima and bring back his story.

So this time on Tokyo Tuner, sit back and relax as we take a trip up north to Fukushima. Enjoy!

Special thanks goes to MenClub (https://www.facebook.com/menclub.hk/) for helping make this trip possible ^_^


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