Owner’s Spotlight: Shunsuke’s R34 GT-R

Owner’s Spotlight: Shunsuke’s R34 GT-R

As the prices of the BNR34 GT-R continue to rise at ridiculous rates – thanks in part to the 25 year rule in the United States allowing the cars to be legal in the country – more and more owners are not only barely driving their GT-Rs, but leaving them as stock as possible in hopes to take advantage of their increasing value.

So when I spotted Shunsuke’s R34 GT-R still heavily modified, I knew he would have a good story on why he seemingly doesn’t care that the prices are rising.

Thus this time on Tokyo Tuner, join us as we spend the day with Shunsuke, discovering why he decides to drive and evolve his GT-R. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


***Huge thanks to the guys at ICEMOD (Indonesia Car Enthusiasts and Modifications)
Make sure to come visit the show and say hey if you are in the area!
When: September 14th – 15th
Where: Hall 9,10, Parking Area of ICE BSD, Indonesia

Song: Long Nights – Developed Minds Music (Developedhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAHx… )

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